Home Remedies: Baking Soda


Cat scratch? Bee sting? Splinter gone wrong? For minor cuts and thingys that are getting red, itchy, and a little swollen, a fantastic remedy is baking soda and water. Mix a few pinches of the powder with a few drops of water to make a paste, and spread it on the offending area. As the paste dries, it draws out the poisons. Fot “hotter,” more urgent pains like bee stings, it quickly gives a cooling and soothing effect. In many cases, this is all you’ll need to resolve the issue.

Cat scratches can sometimes go terribly wrong. Today’s splinter can be tomorrow’s staph infection. Before going down that dark road, it’s best to try to catch it early with the baking soda paste. The early signs of infection would be the localized redness/pain/itching/swelling. Don’t wait til it goes systemic! Draw out that poison when it’s local and more easily accessible.

11 April 2011