I’ve received several sessions of massage, cranial-sacral & Reiki work from Paula. When she is visiting the east coast I always make sure to book an appointment.  She is not only highly skilled and versatile with various bodywork approaches but also extremely calming to interact with-  a great listener. She pays attention to words as well as body language. She senses the areas that need special attention and her attitude is very open and non-judgmental. During a recent cranial-sacral session she explained what she was doing in a quiet, un-stressful way and I could feel my entire posture and musculature relaxing and opening up. After the session my chronic asthma was improved, with an overall sense of well-being. I trust Paula to work on me in a safe, effective way and look forward to our next session.

-Jennifer M.


I have some pretty severe injuries that require constant attention.  I am not really looking for a relaxation massage, but a massage for treatment of my chronic muscle issues.  Paula was great!  She was friendly and paid very close attention to what you wanted and your reactions; she also welcomed feedback and worked with you to make it an effective treatment.

I have been for hundreds of massages with multiple therapists since I have moved a lot.  I am pretty picky and know exactly what I want and what has been effective in the past.  She listened to what I wanted and also suggested other things based on her expertise.  She definitely knew what she was doing.  There were a couple times where my muscles weren’t really responding, but she explained different techniques and tried them with great success.  I was very happy and I now see her on a regular basis. She is also great with her fees.  She does have standard rates, but is flexible depending on your frequency and financial situation at the time.  She puts in great effort to treat you if you need it because she cares about her clients/patients; the money seems to be a bonus to her.

-Geoffrey M.


A massage from Paula was a surprise birthday gift from my husband. I am from Seattle, and I am visiting a friend in Marina Del Rey.
Overall I was extremely impressed by every aspect of her massage, from her early arrival to the intake to the actual massage experience.
Paula arrived 10 minutes early, which I appreciated since I wasn’t really sure about the parking in my friend’s complex. She ended up having to park across the street. She was very nice about this and due to her promptness we still started our massage at a good time.
I always get a little nervous trying out a new bodyworker, but Paula made me feel comfortable during the intake and also during the actual massage experience.
My body is unusually sensitive, and Paula was very attuned to my individual needs and preferences. She checked in with me about the pressure, and she made sure that I was feeling okay with her techniques. Once I needed an adjustment in the position of my head, and she immediately made the adjustment. I have had a lot of bodywork and I continue to be shocked by how many bodyworkers do not listen to what I need as a client. I am happy to say that you will not have that problem with this bodyworker.
Paula combined energy work with her massage to great effect. I could feel my throat opening up while she gently but firmly worked on the back of my neck (how did she know that I needed that?! Wonderful!) and overall I felt very relaxed and refreshed after the massage.
I was so blissed out at the end of the massage that I couldn’t even think straight  (to me, this is one of the signs of an outstanding massage therapist!) and she was very nice about that too.
I am so grateful for the convenience of house calls so that I can happily feel super-relaxed for hours, without needing to drive myself home after the massage.
I had my husband get back online and give her a generous tip, and she deserved every penny.
After trying out over 40 bodyworkers in Seattle I have a regular massage therapist who is outstanding. Paula is in that league and it is hard to find someone who is.
Thanks Paula for making my birthday that much more special with your professionalism, caring, and terrific work.

-Heather L.


Paula is the best massage therapist I have come across in my life.  She comes to your home which is great within itself.  Paula always makes you feel comfortable and will focus on the area that has the greatest need.

I have had carpal tunnel for 10 years, the physician could not believe the difference in my Nerve Conduction Study from the first time I had it to the second time I had it.  He even asked me, “What are you doing that made such a tremendous difference.” I told him, “I have a 30 minute massages every other week at my office. I have her focus on my wrist and hands.” (Yes, if you have enough people willing she comes to your place of business consistently) He told me to keep doing it because he was a huge improvement.  Don’t get me wrong, Paula is not a cure for carpal tunnel but she kept me out of surgery for 10 years.  Even after my surgery, her therapy helped me get back to work sooner.  I know many people that have had one wrist operated on for carpal tunnel, and are still not back to work 10 months after the surgery.  Paula had me back to work in 4 months and I had carpal tunnel surgery on both wrists at the same time.

Sore legs, shoulders, mid and low back pain, tension, stress related to neck /shoulder pain, or just helping you relax more, Paula can massage it all away. Even when I have a huge headache, she is always able to make them disappear.  I don’t know what I would do without her!
Get a group together and have her come to your office, she can either do chair massage or table massage.  All she needs is a small conference room, and all you need is your 10 or 15 minute break or a lunch half hour or full hour. But let me warn you, if she comes to your work every other week it can be addicting and habit forming.
Not to mention her hour or two massage at home.  That’s what I ask for when a Birthday, Anniversary or Christmas comes up.

I probably sound like a poster child for Cronan Massage Therapy.  But I really don’t care, because her massages  have improved my quality of life.
Thanks Paula!

-Carolyn S.


Paula has incredible skills both as a masseuse and as a Reiki therapist.

I broke 4 ribs and was told I needed 8 weeks to heal. With Paula’s treatments I was driving after 4 weeks and have completely recovered without any residual discomfort or restrictions. I can’t imagine my life without the healing that takes place every week when I get a massage from her.

-Joanne M.


So I don’t give the 5 star lightly, especially when it comes to body work, but Paula really deserves it. She’s attentive, intuitive and very caring. I have a serious back injury and she has just the right touch that helps rehab it and balance all the muscles around it that try to overcompensate. I recommend Paula without reservation to anyone who needs an awesome massage – whether for therapeutic purposes or just for some good old fashioned self-care.

-Sarah M.


Paula’s training, talent, professionalism, and caring attitude are a rare combination.  I have had countless chiropractic treatments over the last year for neuropathy and always fall short from  having a full recovery.

Paula’s cranial sacral treatments have been one of the most substantial part of my ability to get back on my feet with more freedom of movement. I am incredibly grateful. She is truly wonderful!

-Kim C.


I am a professional singer and I needed help with chronic tension in my neck, jaw and abdomen before an important audition. Paula knew exactly how to get to the heart of my problems. She used a few different techniques — I believe they were neuromuscular, cranial sacral and trigger point therapies — in addition to basic massage. She was warm without being chatty (a pet peeve of mine), and listened respectfully, asking questions, when I described my issues so I knew she really heard me. It was also super convenient because she came to my apartment with her table etc. and didn’t charge extra for it.

The whole experience was really good. I was relaxed, limber and focused for my audition, and continued to feel the benefits for several days afterward.



Paula is beyond wonderful.  Her massage technique is the perfect balance of firmness, but with a sensitivity to an individuals pressure needs.  She uses multiple techniques and I love love love the Cranio Sacral work.  I always feel incredibly balanced and just amazing at the end of a session. On top of that, she has an incredible energy and I feel extremely comfortable with her!

-Tiff R.


If there is anything more wonderful than having your massage therapist come to your house to do your massage, it would have to be PAULA coming to your house to do your massage! She’s awesome. Scheduling is never a problem, she’s 100% reliable and she gives one heck of a massage. She has a bunch of different techniques that she can use, depending on what your issue is at the moment. I’m also a health care professional (chiropractic intern) and in the course of my work I’ve tried a whole lot of practitioners for massage and Paula is the best.  I’ve had her help me out with everything from simple relaxation massage to deep tissue work and she’s never disappointed me. Every other massage I’ve ever had pales in comparison. Really. She is all that.

-Harrison D.


Paula’s great at what she does. She has tons of information to give that’s been helpful in my healing. I have chronic pain, and she’s helped relieve that with consistent  work. I thoroughly trust my body to her hands.

-Brenna W.


Paula has come to our house for massage therapy sessions for nearly a year now.  Beyond her excellent communication regarding scheduling, etc… she is, most importantly, a dedicated healer. Paula gives of herself fully to ensure her clients’ well being and satisfaction from her sessions.  Her extensive training and knowledge of differing therapeutic styles allows her to tailor a session to the specific needs of each of her clients.

I strongly recommend you give her a call to set up an appointment.  Paula is at the top of her game; your body deserves the very best.



Paula Cronan is hands-down the best bodyworker I have experienced. (and I was born in Berkeley – I know what I’m talking about!) I had such bad neck and shoulder pain I was unable to work. My doctor said it would take weeks to heal but Paula had me back at my computer after one session, and smiling after two! She really takes the time to listen to you and she is incredibly knowledgeable. She also made me feel really comfortable and relaxed the whole time. (I’m usually a little nervous and shy.) Plus she comes to your home at no extra charge. It won’t be long before LA gets wise to her and she raises her prices so don’t wait.

-Julian S.


Paula consistently provides quality massage therapy that feels good and truly heals. She really listens and focuses on your individual needs, adjusting pressure and applying various methods as appropriate. A consummate pro, Paula is conscientious about making you feel comfortable. She can work quietly, but she’s also great to talk to! The convenience of house-calls is an added bonus. As I write this in the afterglow of one of her sessions, I no longer feel the pain from a muscle I pulled a week ago. That’s why I keep coming back. Thanks, Paula!

-Monica H.


Paula has the gift of healing hands, no question. I’ve had plenty of massages, but after my first one with Paula in 2003 I knew I was in the presence of a true healer. She’s strong but she’s also gentle and incredibly intuitive–she listens carefully, than gets to the root of whatever difficulty you’re experiencing, using just the right modality–or combination–of massage, reiki, lymphatic drainage, and cranio-sacral. After a visit with Paula, not only my muscles but my entire sensorium feel cleansed and rejuvenated. She comes to your house, is deeply empathetic, and will chat if you want but leave you alone if you’re not in the mood for conversation. If you want music, she has good taste and many options. Too bad all masseuses don’t have Paula’s combination of skill, compassion, and versatility. I honestly think she’s the epitome of a truly holistic healer.

-Skylar M.


Paula gave me the best massage I’ve ever gotten in the privacy of my home. She’s the real deal, and I should know. I’m crazy stressed!



The massage I received from Paula was amazing. Possibly the best massage I have ever had. I felt calm, at peace and so relaxed when it was done. The knots were gone and any tension I had before the appointment was gone.

I will be going back to this place no doubt about it.

-Virginia D.


Today I came by and Paula took care of my IT band problems. She taught me 5 different stretches and worked on loosening and massaging the problem areas on my leg and throughout the IT band. I came out feeling much better with a lighter step in my stride and I’m hoping this well lead me to a path to return me to serious running. She also shared a cold brewed coffee recipe.

The massage was just extremely helpful, healing, and I can’t say enough positive things about her. I highly recommend her to anyone who needs healing and who is a novice to intermediate runner like myself.

-Eugene D.


This little surfer woman is well worth the effort of going thru the winding streets of echo park to go see. She’s friendly, warm, well informed, has a great touch plus the added benefit of being a pretty groovy lady.
She may not be able to fix everything but she’ll damn well try.
Had my first with her today and I’m certainly going back. So nice that she didn’t even laugh at the tear in my underwear.

-Greg A.